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Highlights :: Alie + John’s Wedding at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity and The Marriott Hotel in Augusta, Ga :: with Nikki

Alie + John have known each other for many years. She was in middle school,  he was in high school and friends with Alie’s older sister. Alie always had a crush on him but thought nothing would ever come of it. Years later at a family Christmas party the two were reconnected and the rest is history! On their first date John made the exact same joke that Alie’s deceased father always made and in her heart she just knew her Dad was telling her she had found the right man. What a wonderfully sweet story and one that we will always treasure!

Alie + John were married just a few days after Christmas at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta, Ga and the super talented Nikki was there to capture every second of their gorgeous day! All the little details of the day are so sweet and endearing. We love the idea of Alie keeping her father with her on her special day by placing his photo in a locket on her bouquet. We are also slightly obsessed with the table centerpieces they used at their reception which took place at the gorgeous Marriott Hotel. Books with beautiful flowers- so simple yet so strikingly pretty!

Alie + John you are both so wonderful and special to us. We are humbled to have been a part of your Wedding Celebration! All our love. xoxo

Wedding: Church of the Most Holy Trinity | Reception: The Marriott Hotel | Florist/ Planner: Susan DeParle | Cake: Twirly Bird Bakery and Gifts | Hair/ Make-up: Jennifer Lewis | DJ: DJ Zetha

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