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About Sylvia

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New York & New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Hey, I’m Sylvia!  One of our New York & New Jersey team photographers.  After shooting over 100 weddings, I’m thrilled to be a part of the OLAS team.

My style is rooted in storytelling and capturing candid, heartfelt moments.  I’m strong with posing my couples but love to simply capture a couple in their natural connection and dynamic.  When I’m shooting a wedding, I aim to be as unobstrusive as possible to get the most natural shots possible.

I bring a calm energy to wedding days and love to follow a tight schedule.  Alicia, our in-house wedding planner at Once Like a Spark, creates the best schedules and timelines that allow me to get all of the photos that you love and want without feeling stressed or pressed for time.

When I’m not shooting a wedding, you’ll find me engrossed in Harry Potter (Team Ravenclaw!) with Swedish Fish and a Cherry Coke in hand.  I might also be crying while watching the latest episode of ‘This is Us.’  I love to read and often finish anywhere between 7-10 books per week!

I can’t wait to work with you!



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