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About Jennifer

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Meet Jennifer – a family-oriented, action-loving bundle of talent. Jennifer’s love affair with photography is long reaching….she developed (no pun intended) her photography skills while interning at her local newspaper, which published her first front-page feature photo when she was only 17. She further refined her art studying photography in college, and picked up the football bug there, too – next to weddings, football games are her favorite thing to shoot.

That said, weddings have her heart – both in photography, and because weddings have helped to shape her own amazing love of her family. Both sets of her grandparents were married on the same day of the same year in the morning in 1948….the only difference was that one was in Nebraska, and one was in Georgia (how crazy is that?!?!). On top of that joyful coincidence, Jennifer’s mom’s brother is married to her dad’s sister, so she has three “double first cousins”!! They are so close that they even have their own handshake!

Jennifer loves family events of her own, and she also loves witnessing the formation of new families as a couple says their vows to one another. Jennifer has a gift of capturing the beautiful moments of your wedding day in an uncannily tender, emotional, and vibrant way.




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