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About Isaac

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Isaac is a true artist with a heart of gold, and a love of the finer things in life. He actually was originally a painter before he realized his passion in photography, which provides him a totally unique perspective when it comes to composing photos and finding unique angles that give your photos an ultra-cool edge. He also went to school for graphic design and illustration, and is a top-notch artist in all of his creative fields.

Isaac is (honestly!) one of the kindest, genuine photographers we’ve ever had the chance to work with, and we’re so blessed to collaborate with him. He’s a lover of Batman, dogs, and scotch. He’s a hater towards shaving and the cold (yet…he lives in Chicago!) He’s speaks Spanish fluently, and dabs a little in French as well. He’s a watch aficionado and collector, and when he’s not hanging with you and taking your photos, he’s on the couch with some delish red wine watching a movie. Can’t wait for you to meet him!




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