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meet David

Hey I’m David, a self-proclaimed nerd with an artistic soul that I like to express through photography. I come from a graphic design background that transitioned into fashion and portrait work. When I finally found wedding photography in 2012 I came in full force and have never looked back! In my first few years of shooting I shot over 100 weddings and I do not plan on stopping any time soon!

When it comes to shooting couples my personality leads me to be very engaging and talkative. I tend to interact with the couple in a way that they feel like a friend is hanging out with them as opposed to a photographer following them around all day. I find that couples feel more relaxed when they can see me as a friend and that is when I get the best shots!

I would say that my photography style leans on the more creative and artistic side. I consider myself a go-getter and I am always aiming to capture the uniqueness of every couple that I photograph.

When I am not busy trying to capture the perfect moment, I love to paint and I am also a big online gaming fan! Oh, and I also am really into 70s and 80s movies. I truly am a big kid at heart and I would love to get to know you and hopefully help shoot one of the biggest days of your life!



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